How to Choose and Purchase Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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The type of pump depends on the air, vacuum or exhaust pressure required for work. When pumping water, how to choose liquid ring vacuum pump? You should pay attention to the following two aspects:

Where possible, it must operate in an effective area, i.e. within the critical vacuum or exhaust pressure range. Avoiding approaching the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure is not only very inefficient, but also very unstable and prone to vibration and noise. For high vacuum pumps, cavitation can also be carried out in this area. The obvious sign of this phenomenon is that the noise and vibration cavitation in the pump will cause damage to the pump body, impeller and other components, making the pump unable to work. According to the above principle, when the vacuum or gas pressure is not high, it can be selected in the priority of single-stage pump.

If the vacuum is high or the exhaust pressure is high, the single pump often can not meet, or there is still a large volume under the condition of high vacuum pump. The performance curve of higher vacuum is required to be flat, so two-stage pump can be selected. If the vacuum requirement is higher than - 710 column, water-ring-atmospheric pump or water-ring-rotz vacuum device can be used as a vacuum device. If only vacuum pumps are used, single-acting pumps are preferred. Because of its simple structure, easy manufacture and maintenance, the single-acting pump has good cavitation resistance in high vacuum. If only used for larger compressors, double-acting pumps are preferred. Because of its small size, small size and light weight, the double-acting pump can automatically balance the radial force, the shaft is not easy to fatigue fracture, and the service life of the pump is longer.

How to choose the type of liquid ring vacuum pump according to the volume of gas required by the system, and then choose the type of pump according to the volume of gas required by the vacuum pump. The selection of pump speed and the calculation of pumping time are calculated by using vacuum formula.

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