Challenge Tiit Vunk in sudoku tournaments and win 100 EUR!

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November is sudoku month in mindoku - there will be 5 tournaments held every sunday and anyone who beats Tiit Vunk in overall results, will get 100 EUR (126 USD)!

As said, the tournaments will be held every sunday (so - 02.11, 09.11, 16.11, 23.11, 30.11) at 19:00 UTC, there will be 8 sudokus to solve:
* 6x6 (medium)
* 6x6 jigsaw (medium)
* 9x9 (easy)
* 9x9 diagonal (medium)
* 9x9 jigsaw (medium)
* 9x9 (very difficult)
* 9x9 diagonal (difficult)
* 9x9 jigsaw (difficult)

We will sum up your solving time of those five tournaments and if it's better than Tiit's, you will get 100 EUR from!

Good luck and see you at the tournaments!