Practice with us for WPF GP finals (1. - 8.10.2013)

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WPF GP Dear WPF GP fans and players on the server!

We're preparing for you exclusive eight days of solving in our Daily variant league.
We'll publish variants that will be in WPF GP finals in Beijing 2013.
Those puzzles are prepared and tested like almost all puzzles in the Daily league.
So you can look forward to the same types of puzzles as finalists will solve and we'll try to prepare those puzzles so you can try to feel all the edge conditions.
More information about WPF GP finals were published at newsletter.

And now the list of puzzles you can enjoy on our server.

Practice on WPF GP finals on our server:
01.10.2013 Gappy Consecutive Sudoku
02.10.2013 Point to Next Sudoku
03.10.2013 Arrow Sudoku
04.10.2013 Tennis Sudoku
05.10.2013 Extra Regions Sudoku
06.10.2013 Even/Odd Sudoku
07.10.2013 Odd Lab Sudoku
08.10.2013 Coast to Coast Sudoku

Invite your friends to try it too!
Have a nice time with solving on our server Smile