Sudokucup 11 - Puzzle competition - must be rescheduled

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Dear players,
I'd like to apologize to all of you but due to my enorm workload in the last few weeks I'm not able to prepare the SC11 Puzzle Competition.
Because I want to prepare it with precision I have to reschedule it to new date. Right now I'm not able to say when it will take place because I have to finish all my contracts and then I'll see.

I'm really sorry but the Sudokucup project takes me a lot of time itself (Daily leagues) and SC11 is a huge project so I'm not capable to finish it in quality as I would like to right now.

I'll inform you via email (which you use on SC page), via News section here and on the front page about new date of SC11 Puzzle Competition.

Thank you for understanding.
Best regards,

Karel (Kodyn)