WPF Sudoku Grand Prix - Finals (in Beijing 2013)

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WPF GPDear Sudoku GP fans, the Instruction Booklet for WPF GP finals was published and here are some news (from http://www.worldpuzzle.org/sudokugp/finals/):

Overview. The play-off to the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013 is designed to be a representative and
exciting finale to the 8 online rounds. Each finalist will solve a total of 8 puzzles, with one type of sudoku
chosen from each of the online rounds. The puzzles are designed to be of roughly equal difficulty, and
the play-off is expected to last no longer than 50 minutes in total.
The winner will be the solver who finishes the 8 puzzles quickest. Solving will continue until 3 solvers
have correctly completed all 8 puzzles.

Finalists. The finalists for the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013 are listed below. Each finalist will start
the play-off with a nominal 10 second staggered start based on their aggregated ranking. Where points
totals are tied, finalists have been separated via their best results.

1. Kota Morinishi (Japan) 1190 points, +0:00.
2. Hideaki Jo (Japan) (1st×1, 3rd×2) 1182 points, +0:10.
3. Tiit Vunk (Estonia) (1st×1, 3rd×1) 1182 points, +0:20.
4. Bastien Vial-Jaime (France) 1179 points, +0:30.
5. Nikola Živanović (Serbia) 1175 points, +0:40.
6. Jakub Ondroušek (Czech Republic) 1165 points, +0:50.
7. Jan Mrozowski (Poland) 1164 points, +1:00.
8. Seungjae Kwak (South Korea) 1157 points, +1:10.
9. Ulrich Voigt (Germany) (1st×1) 1151 points, +1:20.
10. Michael Ley (Germany) (1st×0) 1151 points, +1:30.

Puzzle Submission. When a finalist believes they have correctly solved a puzzle, they will raise it in
the air. Their proctor will then check the solution is correct during a 1 minute checking period. When
the 1 minute is over, and if the solution is correct, then the finalist is given the next puzzle to solve.
Otherwise, the finalist is given the puzzle back, unmarked, to correct.

Solving Environment. (To be finalised.) The finalists will solve at desks at the front of the room, supervised
by proctors. The puzzles will be printed on A4 paper. Finalists will solve wearing headphones; this
will allow a running commentary for the benefit of the audience. Non-intrusive cameras will be employed
at desks; this will allow a video feed to be displayed for the benefit of the audience.

Because we'd like to show you the WPF GP puzzles a little bit more, you can try to solve and practice those types on our server in October!
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