Booklet Sudokucup 6.

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In the section of Practice Puzzles you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

The puzzles of the Booklet were prepared by Jan Novotný.

Have a nice time with solving!


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There will be two separate result tables, because there are two Sudokucups (two variants of puzzles)...
We can try to make a new ranking list with points from both sudokucups, but they will be separately also Smile

Extra Region puzzle is coloured and every region has it's own filled corner. So you can find every region clear I think...
Point distribution is not ready... I hope I'll be able to put it here in the afternoon Smile



Can you provide the rules for SC6? How will you form a final ranking? Will you only take a better result, or times from both tests will be added, or we have two separate tables, or?

One more asking. In Extra Region puzzle coloured cells are not clear in black and white print option. Is it possible to make it clearly?

Also we are waiting point distribution.