Daily sudoku league started!

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let me invite you to try our new on-line daily league in solving classic sudoku and in solving sudoku variants (jigsaw, diagonal, windoku, etc.).

New puzzle every day!

Classic sudoku: http://sudokucup.com/node/1929
Sudoku variant: http://sudokucup.com/node/1901

This week we have these sudoku variants:
  • 07.05.2012 - Greater Than
  • 08.05.2012 - Consecutive sudoku
  • 09.05.2012 - Greater Than
  • 10.05.2012 - Consecutive sudoku
  • 11.05.2012 - Diagonal and Windoku
  • 12.05.2012 - Irregular and Consecutive
  • 13.05.2012 - Diagonal and Greater Than

I wish all of you fun!

And I look forward to your opinions and feedback.

On behalf of organizers
Karel Tesař (Kodyn)


13.5. puzzle changed

There was issue with the Diagonal GT variant - daily puuzle was changed to Diagonal.