Team competition on SudokuCup

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Dear players,
Jason V. Zuffranieri comes with great idea to manage a team competition on our server. I like this idea and it will be good if you can tell us to this idea your opinion too. So I'll be able to prepare the team competition more interesting for you.

Jason's draft:
Ziti wrote:

Each team in the Sudokucup Daily Team League will consist of FIVE (5) players.

Each match will last SEVEN (7) days -- from Monday-Sunday -- and will require a player to play the Classic and Variant puzzles from the Daily League for all seven days.

The scoring for any given puzzle will go as follows:

-1 point for not submitting an answer to a puzzle
0 points for submitting an answer with an error
1 point for successfully completing a puzzle
1 bonus point for having the top score among all TEN (10) players from the two competing teams

Solvers will also earn ONE (1) bonus point for each opponent that they outperform on any puzzle

SPECIAL VARIANT RULE: Before the match begins, each player from the teams will select THREE (3) variant puzzles (of the seven puzzles that have been prepared for the week) where their scores will count DOUBLE. Each team must have no fewer than TWO (2) players doubling each puzzle. This means that six of the puzzles will be doubled by two teammates and one puzzle will be doubled by three teammates. Players will select which puzzles they are doubling by visiting their team page before the match begins.

As an example, let us pretend that QKV got the best time at a given Classic puzzle. She will receive:

1 point for successfully completing the puzzle
5 points for defeating all five opponents at this puzzle
1 bonus point for being the fastest solver on the puzzle
TOTAL: 7 points

As another example, let us pretend that Mischko was faster than everyone but his teammate purifire on Arrow Sudoku. Also, let us pretend that Mischko chose to DOUBLE that Arrow Sudoku puzzle. He will receive:

1 point for successfully completing the puzzle
5 points for defeating all five opponents at this puzzle
TOTAL: 6 points DOUBLED (since he selected this puzzle) = 12 points

The score for the team for the week will be the sum of all the scores from the five team members for the FOURTEEN (14 = 7*2) puzzles for the week. The team with more points at the end of the match wins!

SUMMARY: Always do your best at all 14 puzzles for the week! But it will be important to make sure that your team intelligently selects which players will be doubling each puzzle. The winning team will not always be the fastest!

I'd like to thank Jason for his cool idea.
And what do you think about this early idea?


Y not really make this happen?


I would like to suggest if admin can just go on with this plan? automatically put all players in a group based on their performance (mix of different performance) and give option for those players want to choose their partner to choose their own but maybe can make rule to not have more than 2-3 players that has good performance to be in one team or let top5 players should be in one team so other teams have to challenge them.. If this plan will be carry on I am willing to play here everyday.. That will be interesting to me.. Big smile

sorry for my bad English because I'm not good in English..