Beat Kuba – Easy Sudoku in 45 seconds

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We’ve prepared a video invitation for all sudoku fans with a small dip in the way how the world champion solves sudoku.

A classic sudoku solved by Kuba in unbelievable 45 seconds is available in Classic sudoku (pdf - 75kB), , it is the last puzzle.
He has also solved one of the practice puzzles from Booklet (pdf - 126kB). This puzzle is under the number 15-15.

Have a good fun!
Don’t be ashamed and share your experience and your results!



it is wonderful that in 45 seconds the 15th puzzle was solved.

I tried the same but could complete in 4 minutes.

I want to send a mail to the achiever. Please provide me the e mail id.

I am mahadevan from India

Very no bad post

My greetings me very liked you blog