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  • If you participate in WSC and you make a good result, you'll want to prove that it was not by chance.
  • If you participate in WSC and you're disappointed with your result, you may want to show the world that you're better than that.
  • If you do not participate in the WSC, you have to heart to show that you would have earned your place.

For each case, there is a solution: participate in TFOSCAWSC (The First Online Sudoku Competition After WSC).

The tournament is open from Saturday 8th May at 00:00 to Sunday 9th May at 24:00 (GMT+2h).
The duration is 2 hours, you can start when you want.
I'm the author, grids were tested by Ours brun, Rakesh Rai, and Doukkali.

It'll take place at a french forum:

A topic is dedicated for that tournament:

The booklet is already posted, you can see and download it here:

Hope you'll participate and enjoy it !