Sudokucup 4

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Great work!

There was a very good mix of puzzles.
There was something here for solvers of all levels of ability.

I'll save any specific comments about the puzzles until after the competition.

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Very nice SC4!

Thanks to Nikola as well as to Karel and all organizers for very nice SC4. It was a very nice mix of puzzles of different difficulty. Seeing more and more "famous" names participating is definitely a good sign of quality for this competition and its authors and organizers. I am looking forward to SC5.

On unrelated note - what is the objective for the Surprise puzzle? Does one have to find 9 letters, such that grey cells form words found in the text? Is there any other rule?

Thanks, radekivv

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Very nice contest

Puzzles had a good range of difficulty and were fun to solve. Well-timed too.
Silly mistakes (which I found after the test) will cost me some big points, but enjoyed the contest.

Great job Nikola! Smile
And thanks Karel (and other organisers).

Keep up the good work, looking forward for more in future Smile

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We're looking forward to your response Smile