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After the monthly Sudoku and Puzzle tests, here we have LMI Screen Test #1

Designed based on Screen Tests at WPCs

  • No pdfs, no printing
  • No Online Solving
  • Fixed time for each puzzle
  • Bonus points for each puzzle
  • 25 puzzles - 30 minutes
  • Different puzzle types

  • Sudoku Variations
  • Visual Puzzles
  • Standard WPC types
  • WPC Puzzle variations
  • Innovative Puzzles
  • Varying difficulties

  • Easy Puzzles
  • Medium Puzzles
  • Tricky Puzzles
  • Fun for everyone
  • Challenge to get bonus for each puzzle
  • Rishi

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    Correction... The test starts


    The test starts tonight at 10:00 PM India time and is open for 72 hours. The test ends at 10:00 PM India time on Monday, 6th Dec. 2010.


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    The test starts at 5:30 AM

    The test starts at 5:30 AM India time on Saturday, 4th Dec and ends on Monday 5:30 AM 6th Dec.

    The test will be open for 48 hours.


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    LMI Screen Test

    When takes this LMI Screen Test place?