The instructions for players

The instructions for players:

You can lift the password in a simple way via the link It is necessary to be logged on with your user name and password entered at the registration.

At the moment of lifting the password the countdown starts and from this moment you have exactly 90 minutes for Sudoku competition or 120 minutes for Puzzle competition to send your answers by the ready-made blank form.
To all intents and purposes you can start your participation in the competition anytime between 12:00 pm on February 21, 2014 and 10:00 pm on February 24, 2014 to use the time fully. It’s only your decision when you solve the puzzles.

The assignment is in PDF version so make sure that you installed Acrobat Reader 1.6 or higher. In case you can download free it here Adobe Acrobat

If you want your ready-made blank form to work properly it is necessary to allow cookies in your browser. Make sure that you have it set up right.
It is necessary to have javascript allowed to be in view of the remaining time for the solving (Careful! Displayed time is only orientation one and can be influenced by many factors! We recommend to clock the time by your own stopwatch).

Prepare your printer and make sure that you have enough ink or toner there.

Your answers can be sent as many times as you need in the two-hour time limit. If you learn you sent the wrong answer, it won’t be a problem to correct your answer by sending new answers. Only the last sent solution will be taken into account (even if the last solution is wrong and the former solution was right). Send the answers as a row of numbers without gaps, commas or any other signs.

It is not possible to send the answers after the time limit termination. Be careful and enter your answers in time not to miss sending the answers of the puzzles you have solved!

With respect to the online form of competition, the results will be processed in a short time. Look at the forum to learn more.

In the scoreboard there will be all the players who gave their name, surname and the country of origin. Apart the basic information there will be the points for particular correctly solved puzzles. In case you want to take part anonymously, only under your nickname, there won’t be your results in the scoreboard.
In your account there are some new functions.

They are three check-boxes whose functions are as follows:
1) nickname disclose

Tick this box if you agree with disclosing of your nickname in the scoreboard, not only your name and surname. In case you don’t agree there will be only your name, surname and the country of origin in the scoreboard. Sudokucup also wants to draw together virtual and real worlds, but it is a personal choice and last option is yours.

2) agreement with sending the news from sudokucup server
The news will be notices about other similar events on our server or similar world sudoku events. In no case it will be used to sending advertising announcements. For more you can take back your agreement at any time.