The beginning players league

Dear sudoku fans! You have definitely noticed our new daily leeague that has started on our web pages on April 1, 2013. The author of the first puzzle is a well-known player and author Honza Krtek Novotný. I believe that the puzzles' difficulty will enjoy many a player who want to get to the heart of the dark recesses of sudoku variants.

Today we also started two types of filters in dalily score sheets.
  • Display the beginning player
  • Display the player of the Student League
1) Display the beginning player - if the filter is activated, all the players whose K-factor in a daily league (classic, variants) is different from 10 at the beginning of the month will be seen. In case their factor is 15, their average rating from all played puzzles with this factor mustn't be more than 1,800 points. As well if their K-factor is 25, their rating mustn't be more than 1,800 points.

2) Display the player of the Student League - if you indicate in your profile that you are an elementary or high school pupil and fill in necessary details, you can take part in the Student League after approving your status.
Link to your profile here.

you can try the daily league here