1. Participants

Sudokucup can be entered by all the players who are registered at and who verify the agreement with the competition rules in their account (link to your account here).

2. The date and time of the competition

Variants are published continuously and you can solve them whenever after their release. Since the moment of lifting your password the time starts running and stops after sending the right solution.

3. Participants’ duties

The participants must solve the puzzles themselves. The help of other people, use of computers, use of calculators, use of solvers and other similar instruments are not allowed. Keep the Fair Play codes.

4. Results evaluation

Each puzzle has its own point classification. To get the points for particular puzzles it is necessary to enter the correct answer – it means to enter the marked part of the solution into the ready-made blank form. In case the solution is incorrect, the participant will not obtain any points. Nevertheless no points are taken away. The answers can be sent repeatedly. In that case the last sent solution will be taken into account. The solution sent after the two-hour time limit from lifting the password will not be taken into account.

The answers can be sent by ready-made blank form. In this form there are always several input areas marked with Answer X (X is a number 1, 2. 3, etc). in the puzzles there are marked lines/columns that are needed to send. These lines, columns or sectors are marked with the number and arrow. The number at the arrow is the same as the number of the answer in the form. See the example of needed answers:

Answer 1: 351897642
Answer 2: 583674219
Answer 3: 196842357

The answer must be always written from the left to the right if you mark the line, from the top to the bottom if you mark the column! All the answers sent via the form during the two-hour limit for sending the results will be accepted.

The time in which the correct solution is sent is crucial for the rank.