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HALAS league - ninth tournament - Points awarded to the competition puzzles

The competition is coming and you must be curious about the points awarded to particular puzzles.
The following table shows you how many points are given to them.

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HALAS league - ninth tournament - how to send your answers!

We've prepared for you submitting instructions. You can find them in this file:
Submitting_Instructions.pdf (170kB)

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How to solve Penrose!

We'd like to help you to understand the Penrose puzzle so we have prepared a little example for you.
Look into this PDF file and together with these pictures it could help you to understand this kind of puzzle.
How_to_solve_Penrose_en.pdf (140kB)

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Medal standings in September

Dear players!

A little bit late, but I'd like to thank you for your regular visits of our pages and congratulate the fastest of you.

And here you can see the list of the best players in September. We wish you good luck in solving and enjoy playing in the future!
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Booklet - HALAS league - 9th tournament

In the section of HALAS league - 9th tournament (26.-29.10.2012) you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

Feel free to ask questions!

Have a nice time with solving!

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E-mail challenge (testing phase - try it for yourself!)

Would you like to help me with developing of SUDOKUCUP site?

Try to beat me
Medium one:

And if you find some problems, please let me know here Smile
Thank you for your help!

And here are some more:
Easy one:

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Hot news from World Puzzle Championchip (Croatia)

Standings after finals:
New puzzle champion is Ulrich Voigt! Congratulations!

1. Ulrich Voigt
2. Thomas Snyder
3. Palmer Mebane
4. Zoltán Horváth

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More news about WSC on our FB page!

Because anyone of the SC admins isn't in Croatia we can bring you only messages from players who are there.

More you can find on our FB page!

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Hot news from World Sudoku Championship (Croatia)

We have find a picture of the result list after first round on the website of World Puzzle Federation on the Facebook and we'd like to share it with you!

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