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Medal standings in May and June

Dear players!

It has been two months since we started daily sudoku league. I'd like to thank you for your regular visits of our pages and congratulate the fastest of you.

I'm preparing some new things for you, they will be presented during summer months (European summer months). Here you can find some tasting - new statistics. The statistics are in the phase of creating, so I'll be glad if you write to me what you like or what you want to offer.

Sudokucup 8 - untreated competition puzzles and their solution

As promised there are untreated puzzles by Vladimir Portugalov in the version originally prepared for the Sudokucup 8 competition.

SC8 untreated competition puzzles.

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Sudokucup 8 - HALAS league - official results

The moment you are eager about is here. It is my big pleasure to announce the results of the seventh HALAS league tournament. You personally could feel the atmosphere of the tournament and try to solve sudoku under the pressure and in the time limit. It seemed that there is no strength, but finally you broke through the puzzles, finished them and fought with honor. I hope our tournament have been enjoyable for you. I also would like to thank all the players who have participated in and congratulate them.

We'd like to ask you to share your feelings your opinions and feedback. You can write your posts into our discuss forum or via email We'll be very glad for your feedback just to know what to improve or change in the future!

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Points awarded to the competition puzzles of Sudokucup 8

The competition is coming and you must be curious about the points awarded to particular puzzles.
The following table shows you how many points are given to them.

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Booklet correction!


Please take a look at the second version of booklet! There are these changes:

10) There was a mistake in one like - R6C6/C7 => moved to R6C7/C8

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Update of our server

Dear players!

There were some problems in last two days with our sites. You've specified them and it was necessary to upgrade the used modules an some to reinstall completely.
Unfortunatelly there was a modul for personal messages.
I'm trying to recover from saved files your messages back into database, but if I fail, please forgive me.

Thank you very much!

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Sudokucup 8 - HALAS league - booklet

In the section of Sudokucup 8 (15.-17.6.2012) you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

Feel free to ask questions!

Have a nice time with solving!

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Archive with games released earlier - new!

We have prepared some news for you! An archive of the daily league.
You can try to play sudoku puzzles released earlier (not as a part of competition) and to train your brain.

I'm looking forward to your feedback. It's very helpful.


Sudokucup 8 - practise online every day from June 1, 2012!

Dear players,

Sudokucup 8 that is a part of HALAS League, is coming up, and I have the pleasure to invite you to the practice before the competition.

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Monthly standings

Dear fans of daily solving on sudokucup site. There were finally added monthly standings of classic sudoku league and monthly standings of variants league.

Next statistics will be available soon.
For more visit:

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