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Results - checking!

On the following page you can find the results you've sent; they will be evaluated and put in the official score sheet.

If you think the results differ from that you solved/handed in, or if eventually you can't see your results, please write a comment and specify your problem.


You can find more at:


Dear friends,

I'm just trying to set up the scoreboard from all the available sources of your results.

Be patient please becasue I am currently on holiday without permanent Internet access.


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Website failure - answers

I would like to apologize to all of the players who were solving the puzzles during the website failure.

All of affected players are kindly ask to send those answers (which they would be able to catch in time limit) again (

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SC6 - French explanation of the puzzles!

French explanation of the puzzles you can find here:
French translation!

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Points awarded to the competition puzzles of Sudokucup 6

The competition is coming and you must be curious about the points awarded to particular puzzles.
The following table shows you how many points are given to them.

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Booklet Sudokucup 6.

In the section of Practice Puzzles you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

The puzzles of the Booklet were prepared by Jan Novotný.

Have a nice time with solving!

The time of Sudokucup 6!

The inquiry finished and you've decided the dates of the competition as follows:

the first date 312
the second date 299
the third date 340

It means that you can look forward to Sudokucup at the weekends mentioned below:

SC6 Part One takes place on July 23-24, 2011
SC6 Part Two takes place on September 3-4, 2011

Sudokucup 6 - DATE INQUIRY!

Dear online sudoku friends,

We have prepared the inquiry to find out which date of the Sudokucup 6 is the most suitable for you.
The author of most puzzles is Honza Krtek Novotný, with a small assistance of Karel Tesař.
Because summer months are usually devoted to holidays, we've decided to make two competitions. There will be different sets of puzzles, but the type of them will be the same. It means you can take part either in one or in both SC6 competitions in one of the dates mentioned below.

Please, mark in the following form the possible dates according to subsequent instructions:
3 - the date is OK, I'll be pleased to participate
2 - I'll try to participate
1 - there will be problem to participate
0 - absolutely inconvenient date, I won't participate
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Late Valentine's Day Present: Diagonal Untouchable (17.2.2011)

Rishi Puri has prepared a new variant for you - Diagonal Untouchable.

I hope you'll like this puzzle,
Enjoy solving


We're looking for new sudoku variants' AUTHORS

Are you creative , do you have a good imagination and are you able to make solvable sudoku variants ?

Whether you think that you are the right person, please contact Admin via Messages, or via email (eventually as a comment of this news).

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