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Official results of the fifth HALAS league tournament

The moment you are eager about is here. It is my big pleasure to announce the results of the fifth HALAS league tournament. You personally could feel the atmosphere of the tournament and try to solve sudoku under the pressure and in the time limit. It seemed that there is no strength, but finally you broke through the puzzles, finished them and fought with honor. I hope our tournament have been enjoyable for you. I also would like to thank all the players who have participated in and congratulate them.

We'd like to ask you to share your feelings your opinions and feedback. You can write your posts into our discuss forum or via email We'll be very glad for your feedback just to know what to improve or change in the future!

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The 5th tournament of HALAS league is going on! Till 23:59:59 on May 21, 2012

The fifth HALAS league tournament consists of 2 rounds of sudoku and 2 rounds of puzzles.
This competition has the same format like Sudokucups! So you'll need a printer!
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Instructions for solving puzzles

Dear fans of sudoku variants. The variant released on 15th May 2012 was consecutive sudoku and there were players who were a little bit surprised.
Why? Because there weren't any circles between cells which mean consecution.
Surely it was planned because there are many of you who can't use the rule of inversion as often as you could. You can save a lot of time using the rule. By using the rule of inversion it's important to study the given rules carefully. In case of this consecutive sudoku the sentence: "All two adjacent cells that have a small circle between them are consecutive in value" is crucial
If there isn't mentioned that it is about all adjacent cells, you can't use the rule of inversion!

And now have a look how the best of you solved this daily puzzle (15/05/2012). The player with the nick Kwaka:

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Booklet - HALAS league - 5th tournament

In the section of HALAS league - 5th tournament (18.-21.5.2012) you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

You can find in booklet points distribution in every round and instructions how to send your aswers!
Feel free to ask questions!

Have a nice time with solving!

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Invitation from sudokufans@China

We made a new English version, the link is, and I'd like to introduce some online solving features.
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Daily sudoku league started!

let me invite you to try our new on-line daily league in solving classic sudoku and in solving sudoku variants (jigsaw, diagonal, windoku, etc.).

New puzzle every day!

Classic sudoku:

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Game replayer - watch variants second by second!

Lots of you already play sudoku variants, so we’re bringing you the news – the replayer of your games. Except the actual competition day you can watch both yours and your competitors’ games in the new replayer.
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On-line training for HALAS league turnament - New puzzle every day!

Let me invite you to try our new on-line training in solving sudoku variants (jigsaw, diagonal, windoku, etc.) for the HALAS league competition which will take place on sudokucup server on 18-21 May 2012.

New puzzle every day!

The schedule of sudoku variants for this week:

  • 01.05.2012 - Jigsaw sudoku
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Czech Sudoku Championships (01.-02.09.2012)

We'd like to inform you about the biggest competition in the Czech Republic this year:
Czech Sudoku Championships will be held in Brno, September 1-2.

Vítězslav Koudelka

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