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The Czech Republic Sudoku Championship 2009

The date of another sudoku championship of the Czech Republic has been announced today. It will be again in Brno, on March 29, 2009.
If you aren’t qualified but want to take a part in the championship, there are some possibilities, e.g. GP tournament in Prague on December 13, 2008 or in one of online preliminary.

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Preliminary criteria of the Czech Republic sudoku championship

The sudoku section chairman was so kind to prepare the preliminary criteria for publishing. Many players knew if they were successful or not because they took part in GP tournaments. However, the rules are done in black and white now and everybody will know them.

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User list

We've added the list of entered sudokucup players (User list).
If you haven't filled in all the data, would you be so kind to do that?


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Site launch

We are pleased to announce that sudokucup website has been launched today, on 27. 10. 2008. We hope you will share the idea of online sudokucup with us and take part in our first tournament.

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