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The first Sudokucup results

The moment you are eager about is here. It is my big pleasure to announce the results of the first Sudokucup. You personally could feel the atmosphere of the tournament and try to solve sudoku under the pressure and in the time limit. It seemed that there is no strength, but finally you broke through the puzzles, finished them and fought with honor.

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My solutions

We have added a folder My solutions in the Results section.

You can see the answers you sent compared to the author's solutions.
My solutions

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Temporary results

We’ve decided not to extend you and announce the results. I point out that because of the program error I mentioned before these are the results that can be changed partially. Unfortunately we don’t have verified data of some players and in their results can be some errors. They are the following players:

Hubert Wagner (Germany)
Rakesh Rai (India)
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Problems with the answering form

I would like to apologize to all the players who have had problems with sending the answers.
Unfortunately, there was a problem with one of the evaluation scripts which wasn’t discovered in the testing. Indeed, I didn’t want to make bad time or even further to disgust you, thus accept my deep apology.

The problem has been eliminated now.

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World Sudoku Championship 2009 - Žilina

To all friends gathered together through the hobby called sudoku.

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Try playing system in the preparatory round

You are definitely high-strung what it will be like and you haven’t had an opportunity to meet the system and its essentials, so we’ve decided to help you and prepared a test-tournament with classical puzzles only.
We would like to thank our friendly FED sudoku, server whose authors allowed us to use some puzzles from their archives.

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Editing important information on the competition

After small problems we have finally reached the point you are definitely looking forward to. In the Sudokucup section – Competition puzzles you can find the important information about the competition rules, instructions, recommendation and other details concerning the competition.

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Problems with the print

We would like to solve the problems with the print they occurred. The remarks involved the time of the print. Some of you have complained that you have to wait too long for the printing of the booklet. I’ve tried to make some versions to find out which part makes problems and what to do to solve that.

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Design of grids

Since there are some reactions to crosshatching (too close crosshatch), we’ve prepared four options you can choose from:

Option 1
Option 2

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Practice puzzles

Certainly, you’ve been looking forward to opening practice puzzles booklet to try them and solve them. Now, it’s the right moment. We’ve prepared for you most of assignments that will be in the online tournament. You may guess there will be something tricky if I’m writing there are “most” of the assignments 

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