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Dear players

our server is preparing for you two new tournaments.

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Beijing International Tournament (17 and 21 May 2012)

Again, we are to host a second Beijing International Tournament between 17 and 21 May this year. On behalf of the Organising Committee, a warm welcome to all of you for the tournament.

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LMI - Diagonal Vision (10-12 March 2012)

All Sudokus in this test are based on a simple theme 'diagonals'. Apart from classic Diagonal Sudoku and Little Killer, some grids like Argyle, Pointing evens, Anti-diagonal, Queen, Diagonal consecutive are brought back into fashion

Diagonal creasing, Diagonal outside, Diagonal skyscrapers, Twin grids, Arrows battle are novelties types in this test.

Author is Frédéric Stalder:

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Sudokucup 7 - results!

The moment you are eager about is here. It is my big pleasure to announce the results of the seventh Sudokucup. You personally could feel the atmosphere of the tournament and try to solve sudoku under the pressure and in the time limit. It seemed that there is no strength, but finally you broke through the puzzles, finished them and fought with honor.
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Points awarded to the competition puzzles of Sudokucup 7

The competition is coming and you must be curious about the points awarded to particular puzzles.
The following table shows you how many points are given to them.

HALAS is a member of WPF!

Today the Association of Puzzle and Sudoku Players, t. c. (HALAS) has been approved as the official member of WPF (World Puzzle Federation).

information taken from:

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On-line games on SC! - help us with testing - 20 new puzzles

I've prepared new puzzles for testing of our new play system for you.
I'm looking forward to your messages with comments how to improve the Flash window and what else you would like to change.

Thank you for your time with testing!


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Booklet Sudokucup no.7

In the section of Practice Puzzles you can find the booklet with the puzzles you can try to solve.
We hope that you will like these puzzles.

The puzzles of the Booklet were prepared by:
1-4, 6-11 Karel Tesař,
13-14, 16 Thomas Snyder (SC3 - booklet, GP Pardubice - modified by Karel Tesař),
15 Henry Kwok (GP Pardubice - modified by Karel Tesař).
Have a nice time with solving!

Christmas present for you (tasting)

Many of you have a feeling that something is happening at, so and for you there is a small tasting.
I hope you'll like that and I look forward to your responses!

There is a lot of work in front of us, but we are a bit further now!


Christmas present - SC7 (28 - 29 January, 2012)

Our dear supporters of!

Thank you for visiting our sites and participating in tournaments and competitions we prepare for you. Santa Claus (aka Ježíšek) brought you the organization of another worldwide competition of Sudokucup

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